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    Sunglasses and Headlights


In April of 2014 I took the first┬ásteps toward changing my life. In November of 2014 I began juicing 1-2 lemons and consuming the juice every single day. After a year of┬árelentless ups and downs, reading, learning, living, experiencing and experimenting I bring to you: Tim’s Daily Lemon.

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Sunglasses and Headlights

I’m guessing all of you that drive have experienced it before, that fucked up moment when it’s too bright not to have sunglasses on but it’s also too dark to have them on. It’s that moment when you’re driving down the road and half of the cars have their headlights on and the other half doesn’t, which of course just confirms that you’re not crazy and that at least half of the other people on the road can’t decide if […]

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